Strategic Plan 2021 +

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2021 Strategic Planning session – this was our first virtual session and was an event with lots of action packed into 2 hours. 

Key Outcomes

We chose our priorities

  • Protecting the Environment 
  • Inspiring Youth
  • Supporting Health – Mental, Physical, Emotional

We chose who we want to help

  • Youth
  • Nature

We chose where we want to help

  • Sea to Sky Region
  • BC Indigenous Community

We chose how we want to select and support projects

  • Focus on our big priorities and find a few projects that fit within them
  • Use criteria developed by Rotary to help us choose the best projects
  • Have a ‘discretionary’ fund to support unexpected requests

We discussed our strengths and what the future could hold for us. Our strengths are – Our Projects, The Rotary Network, Our Members

You can see these priorities and the details of the items discussed here – This is a reference tool that we can revisit as we carry on our planning. 

Questions for You 

  • Review the financial summary from David S, our treasurer, to get a picture of our fundraising and spending over the past 5 years – want to know more about an item?
  • Review the Member Directory, paying close attention to the committees – want to do more? Is everything you do reflected here?
  • Do you agree with the priorities? What ideas does this list bring up for you? 

What is Next? 

Monthly sessions can be scheduled to collaborate and deep-dive into planning. A newly formed planning committee can help to distill the findings from the sessions and set next steps. 

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