Giving Tuesday

If you can’t figure out where to donate your limited funds, and want to be sure they help build a better world, we’d like to help.

The Rotary Foundation is a global, reputable charity that has existed for over 100 years. Funds donated here support sustainable, ethical projects in:

Fighting Disease
Growing Local Economies
Promoting Peace
Providing Clean Water
Saving Mothers & Children
Supporting Education

Projects supported by the Rotary Foundation are implemented by clubs around the world that work directly with the communities and people receiving the support. Projects must pass rigorous criteria and scrutiny before reviving funds.

Less than 3% of funds in the Foundation go towards administration. ALL the rest goes directly to projects.

You do not need to be a Rotary member to give to the Foundation, and you can check on projects any time – there are so many going on all the time:

You can also give directly to our club, and let us know if you want the funds spent on projects or on helping our club with our administrative and training costs. You can scroll around our site to see what we love (hint: we love youth, our community, literacy for indigenous communities in bc, international projects that help youth…).

Of course, of you don’t have $$$ to give, you can help us as we do hands-on projects when we can. You can attend or meetings any Thursday and help spread the word about the things that we are doing.

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