this week’s special meeting

This week’s meeting will be very special

This will be a fun conversation where we discuss what is important to us in Rotary and help us get more out our club and our own individual membership

We will be using this as an exercise to help up towards the broader end goal – For Rotary members to be trained and ready for helping with difficult conversations in our community

Please plan to attend this Thursday’s meeting – we’d love to have your input

This is a discussion facilitated through an innovative conversation structure that has been created within Rotary and will be fun, engaging and informative

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  1. Hi there –  Hoping someone will ‘see’ this I’ve checked out the zoom access link and it looks like I can make that work (?) Pls let me know if I am able to attend as I would like to get more involved with Whistler Rotary  Thank you  Dawn TitusWhistler

    Dream Big


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