International Projects – October update

Projects Report for Board Meeting October 1, 2019

Write to Read (W2R)

Update from Bob: leading the installation of the LEARNING

We are still looking at $10,000 for the learning centre this covers all our travel to NANAIMO CORRECTIONAL, who are helping with the building of the venue; and our storage locker includes the truck rental etc, the cost of building the shelving, computers, TV for video conferencing capabilities…

GOODMINDS books will be supplying the indigenous authored books (up to $20,000) at no cost to W2R. As usual our LIBRARY RESPONSE team will be putting the library together etc.
We have also come up with a design for a mini mobile shelve that could be put into a library or lobby for offices or other organizations.
Lastly I have the T SHIRTS that were put together for your club… Cost is $25 (taxes included) per shirt….

Candle Light Foundation

Rotary International Projects (West Vancouver, Peter Ackhurst)
The container to the Candle Light Foundation in Kampala, Uganda, is moving ahead. An application has now been
approved by the Rotary Help Network. We are learning more about Rotary containers. Chris, Rosette and Peter are
going to visit the container warehouse next Saturday in Langley, and will help load a container. (not ours)
We are very appreciative of all the Rotary Clubs that have contributed money to ship this container. It is going to cost approximately $10 000 US to ship it to Kampala, Uganda. Vancouver club $4 000 cdn
West Van sunrise $2 000 cdn
Whistler $2 500 cdn
Pender Harbour $ 650 cdn
Whistler Millenium $ 500 cdn

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