Milo’s Birthday, our newest members, Prizes needed

This past week saw a birthday party for our YEX student Milo at Scott & Diane Riley’s (Milo’s current hosts), the club gave Milo a Whistler Storm (Whistler High School sports team names) hoody for his birthday.  The Riley’s also have a couple of other international students.  Thank you to the Riley’s for their hospitality.

Birthday cake with host parents
Birthday boy sporting goods new sweater with great supporters of Youth Exchange program

At our meetings this month we had both of our new members, Laura and Sarah give their classification talks, (kind of a misnomer as there are no longer classifications in Rotary, so more a brief history of their lives).

A very brief summation of Sarah’s talk; born and raised in Ontario, was a Rotary Exchange student to Brazil, went to Ryerson University studying hospitality. Lived in Austria for several years (snow sports seem to be a theme for Sarah) and moved to Whistler almost a year ago.  Trust me, Sarah’s talk was far more interesting than my summation, just shows you need to come to meetings!!! 

Laura is from a family well involved in Rotary, both parents are in Rotary, her father is a Past President, and Laura is a former YEX student.  Laura’s YEX experience was in Denmark.  Thank you Laura for sharing your story with us.  I encourage all our members who were unable to hear Laura speak today to get engaged in conversation with this dynamic new member.

We also had Louise B visit us again (guest of Hannah’s).

PRIZES NEEDED – we need raffle items for the McElhanney staff organized raffle that we, Rotary, are the sole beneficiaries of.  Last year, this entirely McElhanney staff funded raffle raised approximately $2,500 for our club. They organize a few prizes and we contribute one “summer ” and one “winter” bundle of goodies (hotel stays, dinners, letter tickets etc).

Santa loves making people happy!

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