Our New Website & Our Awesome Members!

Mary Ann, our club secretary, shared the finer points of our new website to a full table of Rotarians and guests.

At the bottom of each page, see the categories of topics that we are talking about – you can click on any word to see postings on that topic. Also at the bottom are our upcoming events (also clickable).

The Calendar page shows all upcoming events, and you can click on any one to see more information. If you use Google calendars, click on the ‘subscribe’ button to add this calendar to your own.

A full and happy table

To receive updates for what’s new on this website , you can use the ‘subscribe’ button under the Facebook window and choose the frequency with which you would like to get updates.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about this website or anything else about the club, please send an email to rotarywhistler2000@gmail.com.

Thank you Mary Ann for all the hard work you have put into our site, it looks great, simple to use and saves us a lot of money.

Member News

This week we had Francis & David visiting from the Rotary Club of Westshore (Victoria), David is also Past District governor for District 5020 from 2011-2012, we also had Jim Evans from the Rotary Club of Vancouver once again.

This past week our very own Liz competed in the Vancouver Triathlon and still smiling. Congratulations Liz. David S was awarded as a Pirate Club Champion for his efforts with the Whistler Sailing Association. Finally, President Brian received a clean bill of health from the BC Cancer Agency, great news all around!!

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