Brandywine Boogie Supports WORCA

This week at our meeting we had Sandi Wentzel – Fundraising Director for WORCA – Whistler Off Road Cycling Association.  Sandi was our guest so that we, our club, could present her with two cheques to WORCA. 

The money was raised by our Brandywine Boogie in 2017 ($392.59) & 2018 ($414.19), we decided to add WORCA as one of the beneficiaries of the fun run and the participants were able to nominate where half of their entry fee went.  The intention behind wanting to partner with WORCA was to share information and awareness of both organizations, to further educate our Club and community about WORCA (for those new in town or not bike riders) and importantly, to give back to the trails we run and ride on. 

Sandi told us that they are almost entirely a volunteer organization, they have one employee and over 1600 members, they are hoping to get that number up to 2000.  They do get some money from the RMOW, I believe she said $120,000/year but it takes careful shepherding to maintain the 300 km + of trails with that and any donations they receive.

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Shannon presenting WORCA with funds raised by the Brandywine Boogie
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#5 – Is It FUN?

Also Thomas reminded us of he and Rachel’s 100 Birthday party (2 X 50) at Alex and Lyn’s 9257 Lakeshore Drive, Emerald.

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Thomas also told us of a website that may help a person decide who to vote for by asking a number of questions that will indicate what your preferences are, here is the site.

Reminder: Try to make time for our YEX student, apparently tomorrow he is going on a couple of hours bike ride with Patrick, Lost Lake area, and he will be at the above mentioned party, a good opportunity to meet him.

Also again, RCOW (Dinner and Drinks Club) is going to have Membership recruiting meetings.  They are going ahead with the Rotary History in Whistler walking tour and info session on the Wednesday Sept 18th with a 5PM start at WB Guest Services, then appies at Blacks at 6. They may run a second session on a weekend day later in the fall when things slow down in the village. They are also holding an info session for the Filipino Community at the Catholic Church at 6PM, Saturday Sept 14th that Erika has organized. 


Brian Brown


Rotary Club of Whistler Millennium 2019-2020

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