Gavin’s Send-Off – Looking ahead to Milo’s year

This week at our meeting we had Gavin R, our outbound student, along with his older brother and mother.  Gavin leaves for Germany this coming Thursday, August 22nd.  We also had visiting Rotarians, Brian and Joan P, both members of the Rotary Club of Chilliwack After Hours and both Directors of the Club.  The Rotary Club of Chilliwack After Hours is a relatively new club but our guests are not new Rotarians, they bring 25 years, combined, of Rotary experience from Ontario.

Patrick McCurdy is back from his honeymoon and was our guest speaker today, speaking on Youth Exchange.  He went over the arrival of Milo on Sunday and how he has slipped into life in Whistler fairly seamlessly. Patrick reported he was able to get into a soccer game already and is a sports oriented individual, should fit right in to the Whistler lifestyle.

Milo did not attend our meeting as he was headed to Burns Lake for the Tweedsmuir Trek, he will returning to Whistler this coming Thursday, we look forward to hearing about the Trek.

When Milo returns from the Trek, please consider taking him for a day for an activity or meal or coffee or?  He will be at Janey or Anette’s house. This is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know him

Patrick also presented Gavin with the Rotary student jacket for his upcoming year and suggested that by the time Gavin returns it will have many items attached representing many memories.  Lyn pointed out that all Canadian outgoing student jackets are red.

Gavin & his family expressed their gratitude to Rotary for this opportunity

Some of us also attended the Rotary Club of Whistler (dinner & drinks club) meeting on Tuesday at Dusty’s Backside.  The meeting was dedicated to a tribute to David Oakes, David and Brenda are leaving Whistler for Vancouver Island in the fall.   This past week we also heard from them about their Blues Night on September 21st, same day as our Brandywine Boogie.   They are wondering if there is interest in a Millennium Club table or two? 

The Rotary Club of Whistler (dinner & drinks club) is also going to be holding Membership recruiting meetings.  With a Rotary History in Whistler walking tour and info session on Wednesday Sept 18th with a 5PM start at WB Guest Services, then appies at Blacks at 6. They are thinking they may run a second session on a weekend day later in the fall when things slow down in the village.  They are also holding an info session for the Filipino Community at the Catholic Church at 6PM, Saturday Sept 14th.

Update!! Gavin arrived safely in Stuttgart in early September

Gavin is all smiles as he meets his host family

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