Welcome Milo, Welcome Laura, Looking Ahead

New developments since last week;

  • Very pleased to announce that Laura P has been approved as a new member.  Please join me in welcoming Laura to the club, a date and location for Laura’s induction to be decided.
  • Liz announced that our joint (I believe the soccer club was the other group there) aid station for the runners at the IRONMAN won the Best Team Spirit, I believe it gives us bragging rights.
  • At our meeting we had Norma visit us, who is originally from Great Britain, now living in Whistler and is interested to find out about Rotary.
  • We were sorry to hear that Kate, our outbound YEX via the New Westminster Club, made the difficult decision not to go.
  • Janey may have an interesting guest speaker for us from Habitat for Humanity, stay tuned.
  • On the subject of speakers and YEX. Gavin, our outbound student, is attending our meeting this week to receive his jacket.  Patrick will share photos of Milo arriving, from France, and will conduct the program.

Since our meeting, that I am reporting tardily, we had Milo arrive to a welcoming group.

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