Ironman & Our New Exchange Student

Well, we had one big event since our meeting last week, the IRONMAN.   One of our captains had an issue with flights and ended up missing the event, I’m sure Hannah is very disappointed being such a supporter of the event.  It was a long day standing on concrete handing out water, but I’m sure it was much longer for the competitors.  Here are a couple of photos from the event and one of the competitors, I got photos of Ed as he works with me, with the last photo taken at Alpine Café when we finished our shift:

Thirsty runners on a hot day – and helpful Rotarians!
Local runner Ed
Sporting a McElhanney jersey
Celebrating a great day together at Alpine Cafe

At our meeting this week we had as guests again (maybe not for long), Laura Penney & Sage as well as visiting Rotarian Neva Haites from Aberdeen Scotland although originally from Australia.

Thomas and Anette acted as our guest speakers and gave an update on YEX.  Milo is arriving Sunday August 11th with a welcoming committee (so far) of Thomas, Diane, Brian and Patrick if he is back in Canada.  He will stay for a few days with Janey, THANK YOU JANEY, before he flies to Prince George and a PG Rotarian gives he and another YEX student a ride to Burns Lake for the Tweedsmuir Trek.  Returning to Whistler on Thursday August 22nd.

The Rotary Club of Whistler, (formerly known as the morning club, now to be known as the dinner and drinks club, might get more visitors), had their Pancake Breakfast at the BBQ Championships at Dusty’s yesterday and today, they certainly had good weather, I was unable to make it, much as I love a good Pancake Breakfast.

That’s it from me this week, hope to see you all this week at our Thursday luncheon meeting.


Brian Brown


Rotary Club of Whistler Millennium

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