Firesmart, Burn Camp, Ironman

We’ve had a couple of events since last week, on Saturday we participated in our annual FireSmart clean up with the Muni’s Scott Rogers and crew.  Thank you to Liz and Larry, Mary Ann, Bobbie and Roger, Anette, and Shannon who worked hard pulling stuff out from beside the trail, we also had a couple ladies from the Fairmont helping us.  I expect we will be doing this again next year.

On Tuesday of this week we served ice cream to the attendees of BC Firefighters Burn Camp.  The Burn Fund hosts young burn survivors for one week of camp each July.  Over one thousand children from across B.C. between the ages of 6 to 18 have attended since 1994. The camp provides young burn survivors with an opportunity to share experiences with their peers.  When we started serving the ice cream, we served 16 litres in about 20 minutes.  Note the quick draw scoops in Scott’s pocket.  I have diarized to contact Jamie Wiseman of the Whistler Fire and Rescue in early June next year, it would be better to have more notice than one week.

A group of people posing for a photo

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A group of people preparing food in a bowl

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At our meeting on Thursday we had Laura and Sage visit again as well as visiting Rotarian Mike Kaburda from the Rotary Club of New Westminster.

Liz acted as our guest speaker getting us up to speed on what to expect at our IRONMAN station this year.  We are manning the inbound running station # 7 this year which will be quite a change from a bike station (they don’t run as fast as they ride!)

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