Installation and girls matter

Well we were back at our usual spot at Stroshin’s once again this year for our Installation, THANK YOU VERY MUCH LYN AND ALEX!!  My plan of having it happen a bit later in the month to try to guarantee good weather FAILED miserably.  Of note, everyone (except me) had to speak up to be heard over the sound of the rain POUNDING down on the canopy.  Oh well, we had a good time anyhow.

We took a moment to recognize the loss of 3 people who were very special to our Club, Doreen, Honorary member Jane Burrows and most recently PDG Don Evans.

Lyn presented the Paul Harris awards that we awarded to Shannon, (Shannon actually received hers last week), David, Jens and Mary Ann (and then yesterday we were able to have Beth and Mary Ann present Bobbie with a further Paul Harris award).

Mary Ann and Beth then presented thank you certificates to Liz and one to me and flowers to Lyn & Alex for sharing their home with us.

Paul Harris Award Presentation
PDG Lyns Stroshin presents Paul Harris Awards to David Stein, Jens R and Mary Ann

At this time the Board as represented by Mary Ann made Linda Marshall an Honorary Member of our club, hope to see you more often Linda.

Honorary Club Member Presentation
Linda Marshall becomes an Honorary Member

Lyn then swore in the Board for 2019-2020.  Once all the formalities were completed, then the weather improved and it was very pleasant sitting on the dock well into the evening.

Two men sitting at Green Lake Whistler
Moonlight on Green Lake

Yesterday we were back at our usual meeting place, the Singing Pass room at Pan Pacific Mountainside.  Guests today were Melissa Deally, who was our guest speaker, more on her coming, and Roger Rathbun which was good timing as he got to see Bobbie receive her Paul Harris Award, we also had Maya Christensen drop in to say hello as well.

Melissa gave us a presentation on Girls Matter which included a short video trailer that was quite moving, Shannon was kind enough to get Kleenex for the table.  Here is the link to the trailer;

After Melissa’s presentation Liz and Bobbie presented her with a cheque for $1,500.00 (photo below and attached) that was raised by the Interact Club specifically to fund Nursing school in February for Peninah Namono of Uganda who was helped through school by our Interact Club.

A person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera

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Interact Club raised $1500 for Girls Matter

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