June 20 – AGM

This week we had our AGM. Thank you to those that attended or sent proxies and thank you to Janey for taking the minutes (to be circulated once the Board has reviewed and approved).
New Business Arising
Rotary Dues are due on July 1. Our Club membership increases by $5 to $235 this year. You can pay in installments be it, quarterly, six monthly or really, whatever will work in your budget. The increase simply helps us pay our administration things like, Dues to Rotary International, to the District, our insurance, our lunch bill at the Pan Pacific.
Meeting attendance – $3 is the new toonie.
To help cover our guest speaker and lunches, we are asking that members now pay $3 if they are not enjoying a Pan Pacific lunch. Please ensure you give that valuable $3 to the person collecting lunch at the meetings.
Rotary Citation
Guess what… we are ahead of the curve and know that we have achieved the Rotary Citation this year! Well done everyone for making our Club what it is and contributing in the way you have. Let’s do it again under Brian’s watch.
Helpers – We are looking for a few new helpers within our Club
Can someone step up and be responsible to record the lunches and monies taken, pass the monies on to David Stein and then order and distribute lunches on our meeting days. It’s not a difficult task by any means…. anyone….??
Is anyone wanting to help out in the area of gathering guest speakers? Looking for a person to find one to two speakers a month. Book them in and make sure they know the insides to presenting. Again, pretty simple.. it’s not about who you know in town… it’s just about who you talk to.
Congratulations to Anne – she attended graduation this week past with the biggest smile ever! She is off on the BC Tour and returning back to Brazil in early July.

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