Mar 28 – Squamish Hospice

I feel like if you weren’t at the meeting on Thursday… you missed out just an insey winsey bit. So let me try to re-create a little of that here. We had guest speakers from the Sea to Sky Hospice join us. The lovely and very humble Dr Judith Fothergill, the effervescent Bill McNeney (Squamish Club and who originally spearheaded the Capital fundraising campaign) and Sue Lawther, another inspiring community member with a stream of projects under her care. Back in November 2017 (Opening day of the season), Bill and Judith presented to our Club. They informed us about the lack of a dedicated Hospice facility in the Sea to Sky corridor, who could make use this facility if it existed and the benefit to the greater community. They were on a mission to raise over $2 million dollars towards the capital funding. VCH would be looking after other funding to complete and maintain the project.  This project struck a chord with many of our members and we committed to funding and being part of the project. 

On 27th November 2018, ground was broken and construction was underway. On Thursday 28th March 2019, Dr Fothergill, direct from a construction meeting, confirmed they are on track for an opening in June 2019!  The four Rotary Clubs in the Sea to Sky corridor contributed $100,000 to the Sea to Sky Hospice. Our collective funds have been put towards one of the four rooms and will be known as The Rotary Room. 

The Whistler Millennium Club, donated $15,000. This is this largest donation we have ever given to any beneficiary, fundraised across multiple years and a number of fundraisers. To put this in to perspective, this amount is roughly 3 years of ‘Santa and his Elves’ and some 750+ children whispering secrets into Santa’s ear; or 3 years of running the Brandywine Boogie; or 5 years of selling Christmas Trees and Creekside and Nesters; or 7+ years of the WSSF Coat Check; or 16+ years of hosting a Creekbread fundraising night. Congratulations on being part of all or any of these fundraisers. Know that your volunteer hours have really done some good! Murray Wood, our Assistant District Governor will be announcing a date when the Sea to Sky Clubs can gather on site for an official presentation. Watch for, and save the date.  Guests:  David & Rosemary Malaher, David Oakes, Murray Wood (Rotary Club of Whistler); Bill McNeney (Rotary Club of Squamish); Dr Judith Fothergill, Sue Lawther