Mar 21 – Our Motivation & Anne’s Birthday

This week President Shannon re-visited ‘It’s not what you do, but why you do it’ with a great little video from Simon Sinek. When you think about your ‘why’, it’s a lot easier to do the ‘what’.Why did you join Rotary?  Why do you keep coming back to Rotary? In the delightful setting in the Singing Pass room, our club members shared their own ‘why’ moments.

It was Anne’s birthday this week. She had a lovely ski with Anette on her birthday, virtual cake with her family in Brazil, cake with her host family (The Pattersons), a surprise party hosted by some of the Interact kids and then cake at the meeting. You can never have enough cake on your birthday week! Larry Peacock definitely thinks so !

Our Club gave Anne two tickets for the Sea to Sky Gondola. If you’d like to be part of her trip up the gondola and take her and a friend up, please contact Anne direct. Happy Birthday Anne!

 Doreen is back in St Pauls Hospital… boooo! Please give her a call on the phone or drop in to the hospital to say hello. She’s in the Providence Building,  Renal ward (6th floor). She’d love to see some friendly faces. If you are out of BC and want to send her thoughts in an email, send it to me and I’ll ensure we get it to her. Liz Peacock sent out an email for 

President Elect Nominations. Please go back and find the email in your inbox and take 10 mins to send your thoughts on. Deadline is March 30th so we have the info to discuss at our next board meeting. Who do you want to lead our Club in 20/21? 

Ironman station locked in – Sun 28th July: After an informative session with Mary-Anne Prevost and another Club discussion this week, we have locked in our station as Run Aid Station #8 at Whistler Secondary School. The route has changed again this year and so has the way the stations will run. Mark the date and look out for more info direct from our Team Captains.