Want to help build Peace?

Let’s start our update with a big shout out and very big thank you to Brian Brown who has stood in at the head of the table for the last two weeks. Thank you for stepping in, without hesitation and keeping the momentum… and I think that’s a fine for an early finish!


Impromptu speaker:  Did you our own member Phil Pyatt is originally from Toronto. He and his wife Sandy were both teachers, have travelled extensively and lived in Spain for a year amongst other countries. One of Phil’s interests in languages and he’s fluent in quite a few. Rotary BusinessPeace Champion: we are looking for a member of our club to take on this fulfilling role. What is required is for you to remind members, on a regular basis, of the importance of peace and conflict resolution and promote ways our club can do good in the community and around the world. Sound like your cup of tea? Do you want to champion Peace? Reach out to me direct and I’ll let you know the details. President Elect Training: Brian is off to PETS in Seattle next week to learn all the tricks around Presidential training. Travel safely and have fun Brian! Birthday Wishes: Another trip around the sun for Jack. Happy birthday!