April 4 – Fish and Chip Day

The Ski-venger Day with the Whistler Club on Tue 2nd April was a raucous day and lots of fun. Your Millennium Club was well represented by a selection of animals… aka… The Zoo on the Loose. The Golden Boot went home with the Mountain Host team and will be up for grabs in 2020! Well done to the Whistler Club for putting on such a fun event! Look forward to supporting it again next year.

Our costumed team by the Olympic rings

 Some key dates and activities for the weeks ahead.  Please ensure you read through to the end. Whistler Clubs Social Night – Wednesday 17th AprilLast July when the two clubs came together in the form of The Great Canadian Camp Out, we won the prize for Best Parade Float. The vouchers are being used to provide appies to everyone, (buy your own drinks) and we’re using it as a get together with the two Clubs. Bring a friend or three. See you between 4.30pm – 6.30pm at The Westin Hotel.  

2018 Winning Parade Float – Rotary Clubs of Whistler & Whistler Millennium together

Rotary News and upcoming dates9th April: Board meeting. All welcome. 6pm @ Shannon’s house.13th April: RLI training at Burnaby. Informative sessions where you can learn more about Rotary, what we do, why we do it.

Part 1 link for registration: https://tinyurl.com/y5jxz36u Part 2, link to registration: https://tinyurl.com/yxakhz6a

19th-21st April: Rotary Act Of Kindness Day   

The Rotary Clubs in District 5040 are holding a “Rotary Act of Kindness” weekend.  On April 19th (Paul Harris’ Birthday) – April 21st we would like all clubs & every member to participate in an Act of Kindness (or more) & invite family & friends to join in.  Our goal is to have a huge success enabling us to invite the World of Rotary next year.  

When you have completed it please go to https://www.facebook.com/rotaryactofkindness & record it.  30th April:  Joint meeting with the Whistler Club @The Venue. Our youth, who attended RYLA are guest presenters! Apparently this was “amazing”, “the best thing ever”, “an incredible experience”. You need to pre-register at The Venue for this meeting so they know how many to cater for.  2nd-5th May: District Conference @ Sun Peaks. There is still time to sign up if you are on the fence!____________________________ 

Fish and Chips  –  Doreen Watts

It’s with great sadness that we share the news of the passing on of our wonderful friend, and exemplary Rotarian, Doreen Watts. The Tart, maker of the best lemon loaf, the one with the cheekiest of smiles, quick hands to give your backside a squeeze if you were high on the ‘cute-meter’ and strong welcoming arms to give everyone the best hug ever.Doreen passed away on Thursday 4th April – on Fish and Chip day. Her absence was felt at our heartfelt meeting this Thursday. With our flags at half mast, our meeting today was sharing stories about our friend Doreen. As we get more details about arrangements, we’ll let you all know. 

Doreen Watts

See you all next week.Shannon